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Help Ukraine – Reliable Ways to Donate

The devastation of Ukraine continues.  Millions of people are suffering.  The amazing outpouring of support from around the world inspires hope.  But help is still needed.  If you’re like me, you want to give…but you also want to make sure the funds are going where they’re needed most.  That’s why I dug into putting together a comprehensive list of reliable ways to donate and help Ukraine. 

A Kindness Challenge

My son, Max, had two weeks off school, and we got to go to sunny Florida.  But, with all the unrest in the world, I wanted to do more than just sit on my lounge chair.  So, Max and I decided to try the seven-day kindness challenge I read about in David Hamilton’s book, The Five Side Effects of Kindness.

The Russia/Ukraine conflict is particularly painful for my family.  As I describe in my post, Peace is the Only Way, living in Russia for 13 years was an incredible part of my life.  We have many friends and family who are still in Ukraine and Russia, and what is happening in simply incomprehensible to all of us.  Designating one day in the challenge for an act of kindness that would aid Ukraine was a no-brainer.

A Blessing and a Curse

We have all been inundated with ways to give to Ukraine.  It has been quite amazing.  I’ve seen everything from local efforts like fitness trainers donating their time and customers pouring into the local Ukrainian restaurant to massive, worldwide efforts through organizations such as the Red Cross and Care. 

It’s exciting and makes it so easy to give, but it also makes me pause.  How long will it take until the Ukrainian refugees receive my money?  Are my funds being used how I want them to be?  What percentage of my money goes to the overhead of this charity – like salaries and marketing?  Is this actually a scam?

Be diligent when you donate your money.  It’s our responsibility – to Ukraine.

I decided to do some digging and compile a list of charities* that offer a variety of services and support for Ukraine.  Trustworthy organizations I work with – like Mount Sinai Healthcare System and Fidelity Investments, provided me with reliable charities to which I could donate.  I also investigated ideas from friends, articles that I came across and PayPal had a great list.

Consider This

Here’s some things you may consider when deciding where to give.

  • Read about the services the charity is providing.  Perhaps you prefer your money to help with medical needs instead of increasing awareness in America.
  • If this charity is a large, well-known organization, will your money be going to help with the Ukrainian crisis or is it possible they will designate the funds to a different project?  What percentage of the funds are spent on overhead like marketing and administration?
  • If this is a small, new charity, does it have proper registration?  How long have they been working?  Do they provide references or testimonials to document their efforts?
  • If you choose to give directly to Ukrainians through online connections such as renting rooms on airbnb or hiring services (without expecting to stay in the rooms/receive services), keep in mind that these Ukrainians were most likely already in an advantageous situation since they have internet connections, know-how, and previous modern sources of income.  There are millions of Ukrainians who have far less even before the war.  It is likely they are in more dire situations.

Without further ado, please find my list below.  Happy giving!

*Disclaimer – I did my best to research these charities and compile from reliable sources, but I cannot make any guarantees.  Please give at your own discretion. 

Charities Assisting Refugees

Charities Exclusively Aiding Ukraine

Large, International Charities Dedicated to Helping Children

Large, International Charities Dedicated to Providing Medical Care and Food

Large, International Charities Partnering with Local Communities in Crises

Media/Information Access

Supply and Logistical Support

Direct Contact with Ukrainian People

Did you decide to give today?  Which charity did you choose and why?


  • Deedee says:

    Patty, this is great! We gave to our church’s refugee program helping with food, shelter, medical supplies. Presbyterian Disaster Assistance- Ukraine.

    • Patricia Makatsaria says:

      That’s fantastic. It’s fantastic that such a variety of organizations are pitching in!

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