Kindness has a ripple effect, and is my oar in the water.

Hi! I’m Patricia, and I’ve been working on developing a ‘kindness habit’ for the last year or so.  Why? Well, I feel like I’m at a crossroads.  For the last 23 years, I’ve lived around the world in Moscow, London and Singapore raising three inspiring children with my spouse, who is, more importantly, my partner and my friend.  Reinventing myself with every relocation, I’ve taught English, managed a dental clinic, planned charity events, helped organize a national tennis league and volunteered in India – just to name a few.

But now we’ve settled back in the USA, my home country, and I am ready for my life to take a new direction.  Through my global experience, I have come to understand that people everywhere are the same — everyone responds to kindness.  And I believe kindness is one of the greatest ways to make life worth living – not only for the recipients but for me as well.  Motivated by this, I’ve decided to try to build my new world by creating the habit of kindness in all aspects of my life. This website is my effort to share my research and ideas and to start a dialogue on all things kindness so we can all reap the mental, emotional and physical benefits kindness brings to our lives.  

If you want some fun facts:

I was born in Texas but really grew up in one of the friendliest cities in America - Louisville, KY.

I have 4 brothers, 2 sisters and 57 first cousins – yes, my family is Irish Catholic.

My spouse is from Moscow, and I now speak Russian – albeit with a serious American accent.

My favorite city I’ve lived in is London – so green, so diverse, so steeped in tradition.

Moving to Singapore was one of the best “leaps” we took – exploring Asia by living it is the way to go.

My family is tennis crazy: both my kids played for their college teams, my spouse plays on the senior tour, and I’ve been to all 4 grand slams. But this does not mean that I play well: I aspire and enjoy.

I only read about 3-6 books/year before Covid. Now, I average that many each month. Reading has been my most fruitful discovery of the last 2 years.

CAPP Badge

In 2023, I spent 9 months working to get my Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology. It has completely enriched my life.

mila cute puppy

I was indifferent towards animals...until Mila came into our lives. She's shown me a whole new way to love.