What to do this Spring Break? A Kindness Challenge!

Are you looking for things to do this spring break? Maybe you need some ideas for your kids? Or perhaps you don’t even get a spring break but need something new in your life? You should try a 7 day kindness challenge.

I recently read the book, The Five Side Effects of Kindness, by David R. Hamilton PhD. He had a fantastic idea at the end of his book – a 7 day kindness challenge. I thought it was the perfect way to incorporate new activities into our spring break.

His idea is simple. Do something kind for seven consecutive days. There are only a few rules.

  1. You should do something different every day.
  2. It can’t all be easy. You have to get uncomfortable at least once. Not dangerous – just do something that challenges you to grow in a new direction.
  3. On at least one of the days, you shouldn’t get any credit for the kindness. It should be anonymous.

That’s it. Now go have fun. I will post our activities starting next week.

Do you have any ideas of ways to be kind?


  • Jami says:

    Hi. I like this challenge. Do you have any ideas I can borrow? Thanks!

    • Patricia Makatsaria says:

      Yes! Here’s a link to a website I love for great ideas. https://kindness.org/get-started#kind-acts Some of the things we’ve done I will highlight in an upcoming post. But they include: sharing puppy love – standing outside a grocery store and letting them get some love from our puppy; made little bags of necessities for homeless people; give blood; gave a great tip to a server in restaurant; babysitting so my mom/dad could celebrate their anniversary child-free.

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