Widen Your Lens of Love

Widen Your Lens of Love This Valentine’s Day

Does Valentine’s Day bum you out?  I admit, it was never my favorite day.  There’s something about it…is it the pressure to be romantic?  Or does it magnify feelings of loneliness?  Maybe it feels competitive?  Make sure this Valentine’s Day doesn’t disappoint – widen your lens of love. 

Celebrating holidays has not been my strong suit.  I do enough to check the boxes, like buy the pumpkin and watch the ball drop.  But I rarely embrace them, and I think because of that, I have missed out on opportunities for joy and kindness.  That being said, a couple of years ago, I expanded my perception of Valentine’s Day, and now I actually get excited about it.

Defining True Love

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love.  The media, internet and shops bombard us with images and ideas of a narrow view of love – the traditional, couple-focused kind.  Even when I specifically searched for ‘non-traditional Valentine’s Day’ celebrations and ideas – the results were disappointing, always geared for dating and couples.  But love is so much bigger than that.

Choose the bigger life and love more.

This Valentine’s Day, I challenge you to expand the celebration of love in your life.  Prepare to think outside the box.  Don’t just limit the holiday to your partner if you have one.  Is your love your new puppy?  Perhaps you adore your grandparents.  Or do you have a special relationship with your co-worker?  It may even be time to show yourself some love.  Choose the bigger life and love more.

Reframing the Holiday

Leslie Knope, one of my favorite TV characters of all time, created her own twist to Valentine’s Day on the show Parks and Recreation.  She celebrates love in her own unique and powerful way on Galentine’s Day, one day before the traditional holiday.  She describes it best: “Every February 13, my ladyfriends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies.”

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So, how did I reframe Valentine’s Day?  I started to celebrate my children in addition to my partner.  Now, I enjoy the process of choosing a small, thoughtful gift, selecting a funny card and surprising them with a package in the mail or at breakfast.  I find so much joy in giving something unexpected, and I hope they begin to associate the day with real love – regardless of their relationship status.

Making Your Own Happiness

Take matters in your own hands.  Make this year’s Valentine’s Day a special one.  Celebrate love in your life whatever shape it comes in.  Oh, and pass it on.  When others see you being authentic and true to your love, it will give them the confidence to do the same.

How will you celebrate your love this Valentine’s Day?

“Happiness depends upon ourselves.”

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