The War for Kindness

The War for Kindness

Looking for a new podcast or a good book?

Reading and listening about kindness makes you think about kindness.  That inevitably makes you act with more kindness.  It just does.  Give it a try.

If you’ve only got time for a podcast…

Check out this one. 

The Happiness Lab

I discovered Dr. Laurie Santos when I heard her speak at an online seminar.  She immediately drew me in.  She’s a professor at Yale and a top expert in her field of human cognition, so she knows what she’s talking about, but, at the same time, she’s easy to understand. 

This episode discusses ideas from Jamil Zaki’s book (the one I’m going to recommend below) and even interviews him. 

If you have time to read a 177-page book…

I think Zaki has written a very compelling book about the struggle for empathy in our increasingly divisive world.  Using well documented research, Zaki demonstrates that empathy is a muscle we can build.  His inspiring stories cover a wide range of experiences, from NICU nurses to a former neo-Nazi.  He challenges us all to work to strengthen our own empathy muscles and choose to make this world kinder.

Do you have any books, podcasts, or articles about kindness you can share with me? 

"In five years, or one, the world could be a meaner place or a kinder one...if we succumb to our lazier emotional instincts, we will all suffer more. The direction we take-and our collective fate-depends, in a real way, on what each of us decides to feel."
Jamil Zaki

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