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Gratitude Challenge – The Little Things

The holidays are already upon us. In America, Thanksgiving is one week from today.  Honestly, it makes me feel a bit overwhelmed…but excited too.  Every year, I make a promise to myself to slow down and savor the special moments.  So, in that spirit of savoring, to kick the holidays off, I’m doing my second annual, 7 Day Gratitude Challenge.  This year’s theme: the little things.

Why is gratitude important?

Gratitude is one of those buzzwords you hear a lot these days.  And although I’m all for increasing awareness around this tenant of positive psychology, the value of it can get lost in the myriad of colorful cards and snappy slogans. So why is everyone talking about gratitude?

Basically, it’s good for you – and for the people in your life.  Although gratitude is defined as a positive emotion, I see it as a means of kindness. 

  • It’s a kindness for YOU – practicing gratitude, savoring the good in your life, has been proven to improve your physical and mental health.
  • It’s a kindness for OTHERS – expressing gratitude strengthens relationships and builds confidence and performance in others.

7 Day Gratitude Challenge

Last year, I did my first annual 7 Day Gratitude Challenge.  Reflecting on the positive in my life each day the week before Thanksgiving encouraged me to slow down and reflect on what was happening around me.  Being that it was my first gratitude challenge, of course, the “biggies” were the first to come to mind: my children, spouse, fabulous puppy. 

I’m doing things a little differently this year; the theme will be ‘the little things.’  I look forward to directing my attention to the not so obvious pluses in my life.  Starting tomorrow, keep an eye on this page – or check out any of my social media links below.  Better yet, join me in this 7 Day Challenge!  Let’s take a little time to be grateful together!

Day 1—November 18th—COFFEE

Gratitude Challenge - day 1
Coffee! I am a morning person, but the thought of coffee is what gets me out of bed. It’s a daily pleasure.

Day 2—November 19th—Morning Sun

Gratitude Challenge - day 2 - morning sun
Bright sunshine and blue skies early in the morning always sets my day off right.

Day 3—November 20th—Winter Fires

Although I’m not a fan of the lower temperatures, winter fires are definitely a perk of early darkness and cold days.

Day 4—November 21st—Takeout

gratitude challenge day 4 takeout
The ultimate luxury – not cooking and eating a fabulous meal in slippers and sweats.

Day 5—November 22nd—The Subway

Gratitude Challenge - day 5 - the subway
The NYC Subway gets a lot of bad press. Yes, it has its problems. Nevertheless, I am grateful to have this transportation option, especially in the winter. I am also grateful for the efforts to improve it!

Day 6—November 23—Flowers

gratitude challenge day 6 flowers
No explanation needed. Brightens any day.

Day 7—November 24th—Family Recipes

gratitude challenge day 7 family recipes

Delicious food and wonderfully familiar aromas steeped in tradition.  So grateful for family recipes – especially today.

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"Gratitude is a divine emotion: it fills the heart, but not to bursting; it warms it, but not to fever."
-Charlotte Brontë


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