Channeling Grief Into Action_Breast Cancer Awareness

Channeling Grief into Action

Myvan Vuong, a 26-year-old, newly married, vibrant young woman, was a highly regarded healthcare provider in her community.  Myvan did not fit the typical profile of a woman who would die of breast cancer just two short years later.  Alan Vuong, her brother, is doing his best to ensure that others are spared the brutal feelings of helplessness and loss that his family has suffered.  Channeling his grief into action, Alan has committed to increasing breast cancer awareness around the world.  And he’s saving lives along the way.

Alan has committed to honoring his sister’s legacy by diligently working to increase breast cancer awareness around the world. He’s hosted charity events in Australia, Singapore and Laos. Building community, promoting a healthy lifestyle and increasing awareness – the ripple effect of his acts of kindness are bringing smiles and changing lives. Click here to read the full story.

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